2020-21 KY FTC Events


KY Official Kickoff

September 12, 2020

Kickoff was a success!

Good luck teams!


KY Remote Scrimmage #1

January 10-16, 2021

Scrimmage#1 was a success!  The teams learned how to navigate the FTC Scoring System and input their "match" scores.  We even had a match with a score over 20,000!  



KY Remote Scrimmage #2

Feb. 28-March 6

Scrimmage #2 was a success as well!


We had teams upload recipes in the place of the portfolios.

 The Recipe for Success submitted by Team 11081 SPARC earned Bragging Rights for the best recipe!


KY State Championship

Remote Event 4/18-4/25/21

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